Saturday, 13 April 2013

Meet Bert!

Hello friends, family and random blogspot stalkers!
We would like to introduce our first home Bert The Merc, our trusty Mercedes Campervan, who will be our mode of transport, bed, couch, loo and kitchen for this summer while we drive, trek and explore Europe for the very first time. We want to show the world (aim high eh?) what we put into making this trip possible, including blood, sweat and tears so that if you want to give this a go then you can reflect on what is good to do and what is probably not the best thing to do...

So without further ado- Here's Bert!

He is fully converted and has everything we need including a microwave, toilet, grill and full awning! 
We have added a bike rack, roof racks, shower attachment and roof box to meet our needs, but he was pretty much perfect when we bagged him off eBay :) 

Over the coming weeks we will be recording our costs and budgets to give you a clear and realistic view of what this kind of trip can actually cost as we are on limited funds and on a strict budget.
We will be also sharing all the fun and exciting experiences we find ourselves in and 
the hints and tips we can give as we come across them! 

Wish us luck and useful tips and recommendations are more than welcome, as are donations ;) 
We hope you enjoy this blog and wish us luck! 

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